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As an Engineering Office we are offering engineering services in the fields of civil engineering (road, railway, utlities), structural engineering. We have been participating in projects as project managers or Independet Engineers financed by Hungary or the EU. We provided services and expertise related to motorway, main roads, local roads, bridges and railway line construction projects with the highest quality standards for the precise execution of the projects.

The  KÖMI Engineering Office Ltd. (previous name: Transport Engineering Office, Engineering, Environmental  and Water Management Services Ltd.) was founded in 1996 by individuals with a company philosophy that was engaged to high quality engineering services, quality controlling and quality assurance.


The continuous innovation ensured us to offer international standard solutions in the field of consultancy, for the implementation of road and railway infrastructure investments, in projects related to environment and natural resources and in structural projects financed by various asset types emphasizing on strong project management and effective quality assurance in each case. 

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